Darin Michelle
Creative Director

Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

19FIFTYTHREE Has a Home!


This past year has been a creative whirlwind! Design, the White House, Festivals, brand launching! Whew! After a year of saying yes to EVERY creative opportunity that passed my way, I realized what it is that I want to do and what I don't want to do. My 'Year of Yes' was a way for me to see where my true passion lies and it worked! I've jokingly said September was the official beginning of my 'Year of No'! Now that I know where I'd like my creative focus to lie, it's a little easier to say 'no' to things that I don't really want to do - or that don't give me any fulfillment. A few months ago, I made one final commitment in my 'Year of Yes'. This was to join forces with creative space, ArtFarm. Located in the heart of the Annapolis Arts District, ArtFarm has become a hub for creativity, teaching, learning, and expression. They have achieved this through classes, events and gallery shows. My creative brand, 19FIFTYTHREE has official partnered with ArtFarm and will be occupying their front space. This space will house affordable art, art prints, and goods from both local and non-local artisans and makers. 19FIFTYTHREE as a brand will be sold here, alongside many wonderful brands.

It's official and a full circle experience!

About 6 years ago, I found a small retail space in Downtown Annapolis that I wanted to use as a space to hold events, sell streetwear and records. I also planned on using the back of the space for small workshops. This space fell through and that dream was put on hold! In a very serendipitous way, this is that chance being handed to me once again! A larger space, with amazing creatives in the heart of the Arts District! Wow!

So what's next? Well, we're celebrating! This Friday, October 6, we'll host our official launch at ArtFarm Annapolis from 7pm - 10pm! I hope to see you there!