Darin Michelle
Creative Director

Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland


It's here!!! 19FIFTYTHREE is finally here! What started out as a bag brand inspired by my mom turned into a year and a half long journey of life changes and inspiration. Over this time I branded 19FIFTYTHREE, rebranded it, created product, stopped product creation, did a lot of research and asked for a lot of input. In the end, I decided to combine my work as an Independent Graphic Designer with my love for product creation. My main inspiration are hard-working women and my main goal is to create beautiful and classic brands for independent workers like myself and create the products that are for them and inspired by them. So, what does my mom have to do with all of this? Well, she's the first hard-working lady I ever met. She's taught me the importance of being yourself, working toward your goals, chasing your dreams and caring for people...all by example.

So, what about the message; Stay Classic? In a world of instant gratification, quick and easy and insta-everything, it's easy to fall into a space of following trends and creating by the standards of what is hot now. In the wise words of Rapsody (find her interview here): "Make it Everlasting". The way I translated this is to stay classic - stay yourself, don't forget your roots, create a classic and not a current trend. A simple and clear message that can be pulled through your life, your work, your brand and yourself.