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Darin Michelle

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A New Season of Color


Hello Spring! (almost)

With warm weather right around the corner, my color inspiration has shifted from warm and muted tones to bold brights!  I've also said that as a Gemini, I have to sides of "color love" - black, white, and muted or super bright and bold!

In my time browsing Pinterest, I've come across so many images that inspire me to the fullest! Full of bold, bright colors and fun shapes, I feel full on energy just gazing over them.


Pink is the word!

One common thread I found in a lot of these images is the color pink! Who knew I would be such a fan. It's amazing how the right pairing of brights can create a feeling of fun and youthfulness, or pure energy. I'm excited about working on some new personal projects and merchandise that will be super bright and bold!

Keep up with all of my color inspiration on my new Pinterest board, perfectly named 'Color!!!', for all my current color inspiration.