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Darin Michelle

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2016: A Year in Review


Dear 2016, parts of you were amazing and parts of you were really sucky! Losing some of my personal heroes was hard. The election; well, let's not talk about it. Still not getting enough sleep - not your fault, but hey, I need someone to blame! Either way, it was an interesting year. Regardless of the ups and downs, I'm still grateful for another year! Here are some highlights:


Over time 19FIFTYTHREE (19F) had evolved and is currently being broken down into three areas: Design, Brand, and Events. The brand 19F was officially launched in 2016! Yay <insert fireworks>!!!

19FIFTYTHREE (19FT) is a brand, a creative project, an extended portfolio and an outpouring of all the ideas and inspiration that have compiled over the years. Designed and made in the mid-atlantic, east coast of America. It is inspired by fine art, graphic design, streetwear, street art, tomboys, and much more.

This has been one of my favorite achievements of the year! The 19F brand has been in the works for almost 3 years and to finally launch it feels AMAZING! This brand is a true representation of myself and my style and I am grateful for the journey to get here.

Visit & Shop 19FIFTYTHREE here: www.19fiftythree.com


Symmetry Agency

Guys and gals! I've been designing with the Symmetry Agency for the last year and things have gotten better and better with each passing month. Focusing on Brand Development has always been a love of mine. With Symmetry, I get a chance to collaborate with some pretty amazing people to bring our clients visions to life. As a 'Collaborative Creative Agency', Symmetry collides a number of small businesses who specialize in different industries for one common goal - to turn ideas and vision into a reality.

Check us out at symmetry.agency 


Workshops & Event Partnership

Team Symmetry dreamed SUPER BIG in 2016! I whole-heartedly believe that all that dreaming big will pay off in 2017. We have recently partnered with City Dock Productions to manage both the Annapolis Arts & Wine Festival and the Annapolis Craft Beer Festival. AMAZING!! This festival journey is both scary and exciting and I'm here for all of it! City Dock Productions has created so many great experiences for Annapolis and I am beyond pleased to help create a solid brand and experience for both festivals.

We are also leading a years worth of workshops for partners of Visit Annapolis and group training for small businesses in the area. How exciting! What's fun about this is seeing all of the creative endeavors I've wanted to be a part of open up right in front of me.

Learn more about our events at symmetry.agency/our-events


The White House

I went the the White House for President Barack Obama's birthday party!!!!!!!!!! I went to the freakin' White House and along with one of my fav friends, Rapsody, met so many people I love and admire and wrote a blog about it here: Woo-Hoo for the White House


UpStArt Magazine Feature

Having the love of your local community is wonderful! This past year I was featured in local magazine UpStArt about the development of 19FIFTYTHREE. This was an amazing experience. I wrote a blog about it: UpStArt Magazine Feature


I am definitely excited (and a little scared) about what 2017 has in store. God, I thank you for bringing us through a crazy ideas, blessing us with crazy dreams and giving us the will to try to make them come true.

Cheers, 2016!