Darin Michelle
Creative Director

Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

An Open Letter to the New Year!


2013 was all about growth for me. Growth in my outlooks, my business, my time of relaxation and now that my husband and I are expecting our first child, my family. This year I ended almost a 5 year brand called LITTLE by Darin Michelle in hopes of pursuing a higher end brand that gives back named 19FIFTYTHREE. After announcing my work with 53, I was surprised at how many people just assumed that it would be fully developed and launched within months of closing down another brand. It was amazing to see people's disappointment in my decision not to rush things or to go in another direction and that's when I realized that I care too much! Too much about what other people's opinions are of me. As a creative, I have spent a large amount of my life and time doing what I think other people want to see out of me and not sticking to my guns. This year, I learned how to do just that; stick to my guns. 19FIFTYTHREE has become a love project! I decided to be influenced by great master artists and take my time. This has helped me in my personal life, my business life and my creative life.

I want to breathe in inspiration every day, dream like a child and enjoy each day I have on this earth, all while appreciating and caring for the creative nature that God has blessed me with.

Dear 2014, This year I will be what I was intended to be; a creative, an artists, a culture-maker and shaker.  Below are my main goals for the coming year and so much lies within each one! I hope that you treat me as well as I intend on treating you.

xoxo, Darin Michelle Gilliam