Darin Michelle
Creative Director

Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

Artists: Emma Larsson


While perusing on Pinterest, I stumbled upon watercolor and acrylic artists Emma Larsson - and I kinda fell in love! Her use of colors and way of making beautiful textures amazed me. The more of her work I found, the more I fell in love with her style and technique. Her pattern making and soft gradients are really what hooked me in. I find something so beautiful about a very soft gradient and a bold pattern - and she uses both beautifully!

"She describes her work as β€˜an ongoing exploration without rules and conventions. Starting with a blank sheet, I never know the outcome. In that sense, every piece is an abstract fragment of who I am.’" - Wood Society of the Arts

I hope that you enjoy her style as much as I have and find some good color inspiration in it! Check her out on Instagram to keep up with her work.