Your Best Accessory


As an independent worker, it is always important for me to represent myself as best as I can. To this day, I can hear my mom saying "Remember, when you leave this house, you not only represent us, but the family". This has stayed with me for years. I not only represent myself, but my family and my work and my own integrity. When I leave the house, I want to make sure that those things that are so important to me are properly represented. kajs-pineconeWhen I am getting ready for meetings or long work days where I will be face to face with both clients and potential clients, I always think about how I represent myself with my clothing. I am a firm believer that simple with a little POW can go a long way. A white jacket or black jacket and jeans has gotten me out the door both quickly and neatly...but I always want my personality represented in my outwear. My solution for this is accessories. Through the years I have collected many accessories; scarves, hair ties, bracelets, rings (see one of my favs to the left), designed socks (thanks Betsey Johnson) and much more, but I've realized over time that my best accessory EVERYDAY is my personality. I can show up at a meeting in a hoodie and a messy bun (which I have) and still make a great impression because of my attitude and personality.

Most people want to see who you really are and not just the facade that you put on when you leave the house. I have found this true for people who seek out independent workers, such as myself. A lot of my clients want to work with a real person, with real option and real personality.

Who are you when you leave the house? Find the positivity in that person and lead with it!

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