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Over the past year I have worked with a lot of bloggers and have noticed one common thread in blog design and blog logos...simple and clean is always better. This does not mean your blog has to be devoid of personality! Your blog should be an expression of who you are and a showing of your personal brand. I have found that no matter what other design elements you include in your blog design, simple blog logos are received better visually. Your blog logo should stand out without competing with the content and other design elements on your page. Below are examples of simple and clean blog logos I've created.

[rev_slider blog-logos]


What's the difference between a blog logo and header?

Good examples of  blog logos are what are shown in the above slide show; a single logo on a background that serves as the static visual image on your site. A header is a broader and sometimes more designed visual for your blog or site. Most people use this to create a more eye-catching entrance to their blog. I recently had the privilege of working with one of my favorite Digital Strategist, Vicky Ayala on her header. We took her logo and added a little more flavor to it with a full-width background image. Since Vicky's logo is nice and clean, it was easy to pair it up with an eye-catching background image that didn't take away from the logo.



No matter what your preference is, I suggest making sure it's clean and easy to read. This will guarantee that your blog logo or header does not take away from your content or other design elements on the page.

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