Darin Michelle
Creative Director

Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland


I find a lot of inspiration from the circus and carnival. I love the styles of the performers, the patterns and designs and the whimsical nature. This was such a fun project I worked on years ago. I took a few sketches, scanned them into Illustrator and then digitally recreated them; bringing a little more color and flair to them. I did these as practice pieces for a larger project I wanted to work on, which soon after became a 8-month long project ending in a gallery show. I’ve been thinking about revisiting these pieces and fleshing them out a little more now that I have the proper tools and skill to do so.
ringmaster-port balloon-head
I always like to make one piece that I feels represents me when I create pieces around women. I’m always interested in how it comes out; it’s different every time. If I were a part of this illustrated character of circus misfits, this would be me and I love her.