Darin Michelle
Creative Director

Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

Creating Classic Design

19FIFTYTHREE is about creating classic design.

As I ventured into creating 19FIFTYTHREE, my goal was to make it function as a design house that pumped out individual items that were designed well, that could be used in your everyday life. I wanted to pair this along with branding for small companies, non-profits and bloggers. As the service side of 19FIFTYTHREE grew, the design of custom pieces did not. After releasing two canvas bag designs, production came to a halt as I wanted to start focusing more on assisting people bring their visual brand to life. This became my number one focus and through it I met some amazing people and even gained a few friends.

As the design service business grew, I started to truly miss the production side of conceptualizing and designing custom pieces - clothing, bags and accessories. Realizing that this was the original primary focus of 19FIFTYTHREE, I decided to pick up a pen and pad and start creating again. During that time, I was asked to join a creative agency and serve as their Lead Designer, where I will have the consistency of a full-time job but the leniency of a freelancer to create. I accepted.

[box style="2"] AS OF NOVEMBER 1, I will no longer be taking on large design projects under 19FIFTYTHREE. I will continue designing and working on small side projects but will be placing my main focus on design and production. [/box]

Thank you for riding a long with me as I transitioned from Darin Michelle, Independent Designer to 19FIFTYTHREE, Design Studio and now to 19FIFTYTHREE Design Brand.

I can't wait to continue this journey!