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Darin Michelle

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Color Palettes: Sage Burning


My blog has largely been about what I am working on and what I am inspired by. I've decided to start taking some of the things I'm inspired by and creating my own bits of inspiration out of them. One big part of my job as a designer is the branding process. I love creating an overall feel for a brand that includes colors, fonts, and design elements - but color palette creation is my absolute favorite part of the branding process.

I've decided to dedicate a portion of my blog to creating my own color palettes as a source of inspiration for myself and others. My introductory palette is called 'Sage Burning'. I love how this palette is both cool and warm, and plays well with our current transitioning seasons.

My hope is that through this palette creation, I will have a broader base and foundation for creating outside of my usual color palette. Black, white, cream, and gold have been my mainstays, but I'm ready for some more bursts of color!

See all my other inspiration on my Pinterest page! 

Hope you all enjoy!