Darin Michelle
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Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

Art: Color + Texture


This post is introducing a new category: Art. I graduated from college with a B.A. in Fine Arts and in some ways feel like I never really honed in on creating Fine Art. When it comes to art, I've found myself truly drawn to both color and texture. I am a sucker for a good color palette and believe that textures, paired with juxtaposition can create a huge distinction in what is considered crafts and what is considered art. My love for color and texture came together for the first time a couple years ago when I submitted 2 small pieces to the Creative Paradox art auction. These pieces were created with acrylic paint pressed against transparent sheets with textured plastic. The textures in the plastic paired with pressure created beautiful lines and texture.

I was recently asked to participate in an art fundraiser by The Avergan Foundation and immediately said yes. The founders are an amazing couple that I am happy to call friends and they have an amazing movement; bringing awareness, acceptance and hope to those affected by autism. I wanted to pieces I made to be a representation of me and where I'd like to go in my art making, so I went back to my loves; color and texture.

First task: Color Palettes

I found a set of metallic paints and fell in love. I paired them with flat and neutral colors and was very happy with the outcome. The first piece I created, I titled "Coppered". I love these colors together (sorry for the crappy lighting). The neutral gray pulled everything together so nicely and allowed the gold to be a nice compliment and not too bright.



The textures are so amazing to me. I loved how different pressure created different depths of texture. The was so drawn to the veins of each piece. I feel like all of the personality of this lies in these shapes and veins.





My next piece was titled "Paisley". In the wake of Prince's passing, I felt it was only appropriate! I really loved how the golds subtly bled into the purples.




I can't wait to create more pieces like this; exploring both color and texture. Happy to say that these two pieces found a home. I hope they become a beautiful staple in their space.