Darin Michelle
Creative Director

Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

The Curated Life

In a world where everything from your Instagram post to how you set your table at home is perfectly curated and Pinterest-styled, it's hard to get a full grasp on who you actually are and what your true likes and style are. At least it is for me. I've taken a much needed break from Facebook and some other social media platforms in an effort to not be so influenced and find my own style, my own opinion and my own...well, my own "ownness". I started realizing how easily I was being shaped by others and their visuals and comments and opinions, so I had to make a quick exit out and take some time to figure out what really makes me tick these days. This is an issue I never thought I would run into and in some ways it's not really a problem. My husband and I have just experienced a major life transition. Five months ago we welcomed our first child into the world. This event has shown us exactly what it looks like to be unconditionally patient and giving. It has taken the focus off of us for a while and put it on this precious life that God blessed us with. Now that we are getting a little more sleep and are a a little less blurry eyed, we are thinking more and more about what impact we want to have on our daughter; what kind of life we want to lead for her to see. This time away from the glowing screen has given me time to give myself time, read a couple books and spend some much needed time with my husband sharing our dreams and working together toward our goals to become the best us we can be for her and teaching her that hers does not have to be one of the curated lives, but a life that is effortlessly her own.