Darin Michelle
Creative Director

Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

Design: SENT Network


I recently had the pleasure of working with SENT Network. "Sent Network equips church planters and leaders to reproduce gospel-centered disciples, churches, and planting networks so that God’s kingdom spreads to more neighborhoods, subcultures, and cities. We do this in partnership with local churches, so that, churches plant churches." This job was great on many levels. I was able to work with great people who had a clear vision of what their design needs were, while letting me take the creative lead and come up with a look for both their organization booklet and website.


We took the opportunity to update their look with sepia toned photos and infographics. This was a way to create a dynamic piece that wasn't too text heavy and gave important facts to its reader.




For me, the pops of color and the great photo selection is what made this booklet such a successful piece.



After the booklet was complete, we moved on to updating the website where we introduced design elements from the booklet into the pages of the site. This is an important step in creating a cohesive brand.

Your brand should properly carry throughout every element of your business or organization.

For the sidebar, we used complimentary colors to the teal and gold that we had already been using. By using similar tones in different colors, we created a more interesting page without straying too far away from the color branding we already created.



Get to know more about SENT by visiting them at www.sentnetwork.org