Darin Michelle
Creative Director

Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

Design: The Feisty House

Hey everyone! It's been a while! So much has been going on with me and my business. All good! In the past couple months, I have had the privilege of working with some amazing bloggers, small businesses and creators on their design pieces. This week, I'm going to take the time to highlight some of my favorite jobs of the year! First up: The Feisty House

Krystal Knight has not only become one of my favorite bloggers, but one of my favorite people. She has put forth so much dedication to her blog and it shows. When she wanted to spruce up her blog, she contacted me. I helped her with the overall look and feel of her blog; making sure everything was clear, concise and consistent. The end result was a blog that I feel represents her blogging style and spirit.

Click the pic to check it out!