Dream Big


My life motto has always been Dream Big. I feel very passionate about the idea and act of dreaming. Whether asleep or awake, dreaming has always fascinated me. I believe that we can receive profound vision through both our sleeping and waking dreams. I have been spending some time going through the collections of streetwear I've designed over the years; most of these collections have not been made public. I've decided to revisit some of these design and find what I can rework or update to be a part of my upcoming 19FIFTYTHREE collection. I was amazed at how many different design collections I have around the idea of dreaming big. Shirts, hoodies, bags, small clutches. It was awesome to find all of these ideas that I had created over the years and even more amazing that I still feel so good about the direction of them. When I initially launched 19FIFTYTHREE, I launched with two tote bag designs. One of them being the Dream Big tote bag. I loved this when I created it and am still in love with it. I can't wait to expand on this collection and see where it takes me.




I hope you get the time to do a little dreaming sometime soon!

Simple Definition of dream

  • : a series of thoughts, visions, or feelings that happen during sleep

  • : an idea or vision that is created in your imagination and that is not real

  • : something that you have wanted very much to do, be, or have for a long time


xoxo. DM