Darin Michelle
Creative Director

Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

East Coast Represent Represent!


Man...I love you all! A few years ago I created an East Coast Representer crew neck sweater. It was super popular and I almost sold out of the two runs I did of them. IMG_5173

I decided this past Fall that I would recreate it in a hoodie and print it up this Winter. My friend and fellow Independent Worker, Vicky Ayala told me about teespring.com and how you can create collections of graphic clothing that they produce and ship for you. I was stoked and decided that the updated East Coast Representer would be a perfect run through Teespring. In less than 3 weeks 64 pieces were sold and more are in demand.


The collection campaign in complete and pieces are being shipped out. The feedback has been amazing and I can't wait to do another run of this collection and expand it. Thank you for all the support, all of the love and repping this coast with me.