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Fall 15 Style


Every season I get a little inspired to clean out my closet and get some new threads. I get excited about the seasons changing and am always interested in finding a few key pieces to go along with the season. My style is typically comfy wrapped up in cute & leather. I like cute things like polka dots and bows paired up with leather and heavy accessories. My Fall 15 style board is full of comfy but definitely more inspired by leather (the cute will still makes it's way in, I'm sure). I believe that everyone should have a go-to accessory. Mine are my all black Chuck Taylors. For me, they go with everything! My second favorite accessory is my Mossimo leather jacket. Pairing that with a big comfy scarf is the style definition of Fall for me. Seeing these images of a good leather jacket with a scarf makes me want to order my vanilla Americano and walk the streets of Downtown Annapolis; watching the leaves fall from the trees! DM Blog Style Fall 15


There's no doubt that I'm a jacket girl! Fall is my favorite season, so having a good jacket is a must. Second to a good leather is a good hooded button-up jacket; lightweight but super warm. I'm a sucker for a jackets' inside design and these two are my favs. I love the pattern on the navy jacket and the large stitched in label on the forest green jacket. It's all about the detail!

DM Blog Style Fall 152


This Fall I want to experiment a little more with necklaces and nails...The two N's! I haven't been much of a nail person and when I do get my nails done I either opt for a nude color or glitter (here's where the cute comes in). I am in love with these black and gold nails below. Pair those nails with a simple tee, good jacket and some layered necklaces...PERFECTION!

Can't wait to add a few new pieces of clothing and accessories to my closet.

DM Blog Style Fall 153