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Darin Michelle

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Get and Stay Inspired!


This has been my mantra for the year so far. There are so many things I aspire to do and in order to do any of those things, I must get AND stay inspired! Sometimes we forget that the magic behind our work, our craft, our creating, our visions, our time isn't just that we were inspired, but that some how through all of the craziness of working, crafting, creating, being a visionary or dedicating time we stayed inspired! This for me is true in life, work and relationships. I look to be inspired every day. Sometimes the greatest inspirations are the things we walk by every day and take for granted. Sometimes it's a simple and complex as the sun, the color of a leaf, a passing car or an article of clothing. By opening ourselves up to receiving inspiration, we are doing ourselves a great service! By leaving those doors open and letting inspiration stew in us, we are doing ourselves even more of a service.

I wish this week, this month and this year that you not only get inspired but stay inspired!

And also remember to Dream Big and Laugh Loud! Check out my RESOURCES page to see where I get my inspiration from!


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