Darin Michelle
Creative Director

Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

If You Keep Thinking About It...


...it's probably time to do it! I am constantly thinking about designing; designing clothing, bags, mugs, pillows, scarves, everything! I'm thinking about finding cool vintage treasures and customizing them. I'm thinking about buying an industrial machine and learning how to make bags. I'm thinking about hand painting typography. I'm thinking about collaborating w/ some of my favorite designers someday. I'm thinking! The problem is...I'm not doing! What's the hold up? Over-inspiration? Lack of confidence? I'm not sure.

My company 19FIFTYTHREE will be making some creative transitions soon and "Just Do It!" attitude will be steering the ship of transition. So, where should I start? What is the first step? For me, it's having no fear! This is what created my previous brand LITTLE by Darin Michelle. This is what created 19FIFTYTHREE and this step is what will expand my creativity and open my mind to getting up and doing and not just thinking.

If you're moving into your 'Just Do It' season, what is your first step?

And now, for my personal theme song: