In & Around Annapolis


I'm excited to get back to blogging. I always struggled with content, but then realized that the one constant in my life is gathering inspiration. This is an every day, non-stop part of my life. I decided to star sharing what I'm inspired by with you on a regular basis. There is no better place to start than at home; in and around my house. IMG_6155

Walking around my mothers neighborhood has always been one of my favorite things to do. Growing up on a peninsula and being surrounded by water was amazing. Every now and then, when my husband and I need a good walk and some fresh air, we head down to the neighborhood, plop the baby in the stroller and go for a nice long walk. We found these beautiful flowers along one of our walks. They were so tall and beautiful and the soft gradients found in each flower were so perfect! Such a good way to start the week.




Inside my home, I can always find three of my favorite things: beautiful pillows, my black leather jacket and all black shoes. These things never go out of style for me. I totally forgot about these pillows until I decided that the perfect accessory to my girlfriend and I's night drinking Tequila in my backyard were some comfy pillows. This, my friends was a great idea and a nice little addition to the middle of the week.


A few days later, this beauty was waiting for my husband and I downtown Annapolis. I never get tired of all of the beautiful docked boats. There is something magical about a beautifully built boat. I am thankful that these are here to greet me almost any day of the week.