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Inspire Me: Sarah Jane Adams


A couple years ago, a friend and I were talking about what we'd like to be like when we're in our 60's and 70's. I was saying that I'd like to be a very stylish but comfortable woman, who isn't at all moved to make style decisions based on my age alone. I do believe that there is an importance to dressing age appropriate, but, in my opinion, there is also an importance in remaining the fun and outgoing style of your youth. When I came across Sarah Jane Adams on instagram, I found my style spirit animal.



Her mantra on instagram has been #MyWrinklesAreMyStripes. Throughout time, women have done everything they can to minimize their wrinkles; the make them look younger than what they are. I have always been an advocate of celebrating and embracing the natural aging process and embracing our stripes.

Sarah's confidence and personality sing through her clothing and her instagram feed. And, how can you not admire her amazing Adidas collection.

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When I decided to type this post, I went online to see if there was anymore information I could find about Sarah and stumbled upon this wonderful video where she talks about embracing her age instead of hiding it. My heart sang as I watched it; happy to find an older women who embodies who I'd like to be someday.


Sarah Jane Adams, Thank you for sharing your style and your stripes with us!