Interview: Erica Nicole

My name is Erica Nicole I am a Kreative mind. A stylist. A lover of all things FASHION! A proud member of the Black Jedi chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation. And a spirit that strives to make a difference in myself daily and in my community.

I am from Upper Marlboro, Maryland

I currently reside in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I am most inspired by History & Architecture. Two completely different spectrum's, right? I love knowing where we've come from; as a culture, be it ethnicity,  a time period, or a group of Kreative minds. On the other hand I love the intricate details of buildings and various garments (ie. my love for Oscar de la Renta)

In the next five years, I see myself Back in the DC/MD area, starting a family and hopefully starting a scholarship program for young designers that inspire to go into the field of fashion design.

My favorite things to eat are Ahhh! I am such a foodie, this list could be a little lengthy. So my favorite thing to eat is Food, period. But if I had to choose just one thing I'll stick to the one thing that always makes happy -- Crabs! Crab legs, crab cakes, if there is crab in it I love it. (I sound like Bubba Gump, lol)

If I were a comic book character, I would be If only I read comics books, would I be able to answer this. Sorry!

When I hear the world classic, it makes me think of  Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Carolina Herrera, and the 1920's/Harlem Renaissance. These icons and this era are timeless to me. Chanel and Hepburn were the epitome of "a lady", always very polished, put together, and dainty. Carolina Herrera's designs always stay true to the classic female form, and her standard uniform of a starch white collard shirt and full skirt or tailored pants will always and forever be a classic outfit for a female. As for the 1920's/Harlem Renaissance there is something about this time that just speaks to me. From the fashion where men never stepped out of the house without a suit on; to the multitude of kreative people that have made their mark in this world and we still speak about them today. The poets, artist, novelist, and musicians. Trust I can go on and on... But I won't :)

Check me out online at… IG: KashmereKreations Twitter: KashmereKreates


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