Darin Michelle
Creative Director

Darin Michelle

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It's in the Label

Moving into the new production-design side of 19FIFTYTHREE has been fun! Working on new products, learning the basics about more intricate production design and collaborating with people have all been a part of this new transition and it has been wonderful! After creating a few initial designs for clothing pieces, I started working on some of the details that will really make each piece unique. My first task is the label. The details doesn't stop at the outside of the piece; the inside deserves just as much love. I turned to Pinterest and started getting some awesome inspiration. My first love are minimal-designed stitched labels. There is something about them that gives an extra little touch and adds an extra handmade feel to clothing.

53-Blog_Process Labels2


Screen-printed labels have become very popular within the last 10 years or so. This adds an extra touch that can be perfectly customized with the shirt design. I love having the option of not having a hanging or sew tag and still adding an extra ounce of design to each piece.

53-Blog_Process Labels


A clothing accessory that I always love to see is a good hang tag. I have actually kept a few beautifully designed hang tags just because they were too nice to toss. In my opinion, this shows a little extra attention to detail to the piece that I always enjoy. I'm loving that people aren't just doing printed hang tags, but are really thinking about bringing every party of their brand full-circle and make sure the hang tag is a part of that.

53-Blog_Process Labels3


When I get to producing my labels and hang tags, you all will be the first to know. Can't wait to continue the creative process.