Make it Rain Shirt Design


Once upon a time, not too long ago, I created a small brand called LITTLE by Darin Michelle. I designed shirts, hoodies, tote bags and other little merch items like buttons and stickers and sold them up and down the east coast out of a black trunk that had been covered in stickers from my journeys. This was such an amazing part of my life and design career. I found out so much about myself during that time and am eager to bring those good feelings back with 19FIFTYTHREE, my latest venture into clothing and accessory design which I plan on pairing with honoring those who inspire me and those who came before me in this design game. I love pop culture sayings and the idea of using Monopoly money was an instant one. I ordered some faux Monopoly money from eBay (gotta cover my butt legally!) , laid it out on my bed, snapped a pic and the rest is history. This was one of my best selling shirts and I wouldn't mind bringing it back!


Peep the screen-printed and hand-sewn tags! Thank you to all my friends who were paid in wine and pizza to sew in tags to all my shirts and hoodies!