Darin Michelle
Creative Director

Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

Modern Muse - Erykah Badu

I discovered Erykah Badu in 1997. I was 14 years old. I saw the video for 'On & On' after school one day and fell in love. Soon after, I went to Tower Records and purchased her '97 debut album 'Baduizm'. This album went in heavy rotation among my other favorites at the time. She was in good company with Jimi Hendrix, Deee-Lite, Jamiroquai - just to name a few. She oozed self confidence and was a beautiful image for young Black girls to see. She was sexy and eccentric by just being herself. Before long she was a fixture on my wall (in poster form) alongside Gwen Stefani and Lady Miss Kier. She was and still is the new cool and will forever be one of my favorite Modern Muses.

53-Erykah Editorial3


My love for music is matched by my love for editorial design. I love a good editorial layout and have purchased my share of $10 magazines just to keep up with photographers and save each inspiring page inside each issue. Erykah Badu does editorial! She's just as much a natural at it as she is music and even with a blank stare, her personality comes spilling out on the pages.

53-Erykah Editorial


Ms. Badu, thank you for being my modern muse!