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Darin Michelle

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Modern Muse: Make a Statement

I can honestly say that my personal style isn't usually on the quiet side. I'm a sucker for some good basics with a wonderful pop of color. This blog has been all about gathering inspiration for new projects and new collections. Lately, I've been inspired by bold patterns or bold statement pieces in fashion. I love it when people aren't afraid of mixing patterns and using complimentary colors and palettes to create their full look. 53-ModernMuse-Patterns2


I'm a sucker for hair!! I love it! I feel like hair is our greatest, natural accessory. Whether you dye it or throw a scarf or bow in it, your hair can be used as your best statement piece ever.

I love these looks below because they are all bold looks, balanced with a subtle accessory - a minimal bag, scarf, arm band or septum ring. I love them all.