Darin Michelle
Creative Director

Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

Mommyhood x2


On February 13, my husband and I became parents for the second time. We welcomed our second girl, Elise, into the world after a quick, but intense labor! She arrived 9 days after her due date, in full force, as I had the flu! I'm not mad at her for making an exciting entrance. This time around, pregnancy, labor, and healing was a little more trying and a little more tiring. The realities of being a self-employed mother of a toddler and newborn hit quick and hit hard! The reality of not having enough money saved for maternity leave hit quick and hard. The reality of having about 2 weeks cut from my maternity leave hit quick and hard! The reality that I am indeed feeling the postpartum baby blues has hit the quickest and the hardest. Needless to say, things have been a little rough. I now have a new appreciation for what it is to be a woman, a parent, and a self-employed badass!

There are days when I want to thrown the towel in and wave the white flag! Sometimes it doesn't seem like all the work, late nights, endless meetings, and planning pay off! Wouldn't it be easier to just go back to a full-time job? Wouldn't be more cost effective to just stay home with the kids? In some cases, yes! In my case, it wouldn't be as fulfilling as finishing this creative journey that I started almost 10 years ago!

With that said, here's a high-five to new journey's, new challenges, and raising two amazing girls! Here's a raised glass to all the women who are busting their butts to follow their dreams and another raised glass to the new moms who are getting through the postpartum blues or depression - YOU ARE AMAZING AND YOU GOT THIS! Here is also a middle finger to self-doubt, fear, and that little voice that says that you should just quit!

Let's see what the next year in this life brings! xoxo