Darin Michelle
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Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

New Site for 19FIFTYTHREE


19FIFTYTHREE is a brand I created about 3 years ago! The goal was to create classic clothing inspired by the East Coast tomboy style that I have taken on as my own! In the years that it has been in existence as a brand, it has grown into so much more. In the Fall of 2017, 19FIFTYTHREE teamed up with ArtFarm Annapolis to create a curated shop within their existing art space in the Annapolis Arts District. Joining this space has created an amazing opportunity for both 19FIFTYTHREE and ArtFarm to create a space that serves the arts and artists within their community. Their combined focus has been on both educating within the Arts and showcasing local artists, designers, and makers.

Still existing within it's new space at ArtFarm, the brand of 19FIFTYTHREE has grown and taken on a new form, as it collaborates with other artists and creatives. With all of these changes, it was only necessary that the website for this brand and new space reflect those changes.

I am so happy to announce the launch of the updated 19FIFTYTHREE site! I feel that it currently reflects the true nature of what it is and who it serves! Check it our for yourself HERE!