Darin Michelle
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Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

Newcastle Brown Ale

I have had a lot of beers, but I always come back to Newcastle. It is definitely my favorite beer. Besides loving the beer, I also love the label and cap design. The colors and design elements are a perfect visual match for he dark color of the beer. I decided to look into the label design and was overjoyed when I found a perfect break down of all of their design elements on their very inviting and interactive site! NC-label2



If you read my post on Kraken Rum, you will know how much a I support a good website. Your site finishes off the brand, especially if you don't have a brick and mortar presence where people can experience your brand. Your website should embody your brand and be able to convey what it is all about, which can be anything from minimal and clean to warm and cozy to hard and edgy. Another thing I loved about the site were the full screen sized images they used as the backgrounds on each page; my favorite being the brick wall with the label painted on it.



Overall, I have enjoyed Newcastle as a beer for the past 10 years and will be enjoying them as an overall brand from here on out! If you haven't had Newcastle, try it! You may like it!


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