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In another 4 months, my husband and I will be expecting our very first, life-long guest! In other words, we're having a baby! Yay! She will be making her big appearance around the end of June or early July. We are beyond excited to be welcoming this little lady into our lives and naturally the first thing I thought of, as a Graphic Designer was...what are we going to do about nursery design? After sifting through a sea of pink, purple, lace and ruffles, my husband and I realized that we don't have to turn our guest room into a replica of a Baby's R Us display to properly welcome this kid into the world. Instead, we want her to fall right into a place that expresses our personalities and is both welcoming for her and us. I took to the interweb to see what kind of inspiration I could find and was happy when I stumbled across the below selection. This decorating process will be fun and I can't wait to meet this little girl that's been kicking me in my stomach :)

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