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Darin Michelle

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Your Personality + Your Brand


In a world of trends and current styles, it can be hard to find what your personal style really is. This is the same for your Personal Brand. People who tend to need a Personal Brand are solo-preneurs and independent workers such as bloggers, artists or those who offer niche services. What I have enjoyed most about my work is helping people tap into their creativity and their personality. Not their personality according to reality tv or magazines or the runway, but their personal, true personality. One thing I always suggest to people who are having hard time figuring out their personal brand is to tap into the 15 or 16 year old you. That was an age where we thought we knew exactly who we were or wanted to be! We were positive about it and didn't care what anyone had to say about it. A lot of the time, that kid is still in us somewhere and his or her semi-rebellious voice is waiting to be heard.  

What is Branding?

Branding is consistency. In the design world, branding is the art of creating consistent visuals that represent a company and/or person. It is what sets you apart visually from other branded companies or people.


Can people be Branded?

Yes. You and I probably currently have a social brand that we may not even be aware of. I am a huge fan of black on black high-top Converse. Once one pair gets worn out, I replace it with another pair. I do this simply because they are my favorite shoe. This style attribute has become apart of my personal brand. This is the same for visual branding. You will be known for what you can be visually connected with.


How do I figure out my personal Brand Style?

One popular tool I suggest to my clients often is Pinterest. You will be surprised with how much you get to know yourself and your personal style just by "pinning" things you like. I didn't realize that I had a specific style until I started using Pinterest. If you aren't familiar with it, it basically works as an online mood/inspiration board, where you can browse through photos of almost anything and pin them to specific boards that you create or you can add your own by uploading or pinning through pages on the Word Wide Web.  You can view my Pinterest boards here to get an idea of how to use it.

Another great way is keeping notes or a folder on your computer with a few of your favorite things and styles. This can include everything from vintage cars to the color of Mountain Dew to the beach to lace. It can be whatever you most identify with or what people can always attach to you.

If you are still having a hard time with that, a great place to start is the color wheel. What is your favorite color(s)? You'd be surprised how far this simple question can take you.


Can you help me?

Of course!!! That's what I'm here for! Fill out my contact form or email me at darin(at)darinmichelle.com with any questions. I am always willing to help!