Playlist: George Michael

It's a George Michael kinda day. When I was growing up, I truly believed that musically, George Michael could do no wrong and I still believe that to be true to this day. Whether it be with his former group Wham! or as a solo artist, he has always made some of most groove-worthy JAMS! Two of my favs are "Everything She Wants" by Wham and "Father Figure" by George Michael...


But nothing...NOTHING...can top "Too Funky"!

This one of my favorite songs and favorite videos and every now and then when I need a little boost, I put it on and strut around the house as if I'm one of the models in the video!

With designs by Thierry Mugler on the runway and an epic cameo by the one and only Julie Newmar, this video threw me into a love-love relationship with fashion shows and editorial.