Darin Michelle
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Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

Playlist: Wild Belle

When I first heard Wild Belle a few years ago, I immediately fell in love. Its been a while since I've heard from them so I decided to do a little look-see on the YouTube and see what I could find. Pleasantly surprised, I stumbled upon their new video "Giving Up On You" and it's everything I would've wanted and expected; groovy, good energy and of course led by that mesmerizing voice of Natalie Bergman. This girl oozes cool and I love watching her perform. Her lyrics are so raw, which is exactly what keeps me coming back for more!


The first song I heard from them was "It's Too Late". I thought I couldn't love the song more until I saw the video and fell in love with the visuals.


If you are in need of anymore of those wonderful and emotionally raw lyrics, "Another Girl" is another good one!