Prince. The One. The Only.


It took me a while to do this because I had to sit with the fact that one of our generations most loved and talented artist is gone. My memories of Prince start at a young age. He was loved by my family, my friends and myself! There is nothing I can type to express how much his stand for artistry, his fight for artist rights and his art, in general, meant to me. Bette Midler received the nickname Bathhouse Betty in the 70's after performing shows at gay bathhouses in NYC. She would end every show with a rendition of "(You've Gotta Have) Friends". I always  loved the fact that she had one song that she chose to end the night. I once said that if I were a performer and had to end the night with one song, it would be "Baby, I'm a Star". It will forever be my favorite song by Prince and I'll never listen to it quite the same.

Sometimes it snows in April! Rest in Power Prince!