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Darin Michelle

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Romance Me

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about romance and what it means to people. This is mostly due to the amount of holiday romantic comedies are currently on television. It made me think about romance in style and design; as in love and life, what is one person's idea of romance isn't the others. Sometimes romance can be in a color palette, a peek of lace or shine of jewelry; rose gold and lace always make think of romance. I feel the most important part of romance is feeling comfortable. Even when dressing up, I think it's important to be fully you in the most beautiful and comfy way possible. Others can sense when you are uncomfortable which can take the natural feelings and outpouring of romance out of the equation.

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At the end of the day, we wall have our different outlook on what romance means to us. To me, it's throwing on my favorite t-shirt, sitting down with a good glass of wine and enjoying the company of a loved one. For me, romance is all about finding the simple joys in every day moments; being wonderfully and comfortably yourself!

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