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What do I do with all these ideas?

This is the question I am constantly asking myself? I find myself constantly designing and creating clothing and accessories. Most of these ideas just live on my computer or in a sketchbook. After months of thinking about how to either bring back old designs or create new ones, I decided to turn to some helpful resources and start creating!

Together, Printful and Etsy have created a perfect way for me to take my ideas and create my desired product. I started with bringing back and oldie but a goodie: Home Sweet Home Maryland! This was one of the first items I designed under my old brand LITTLE by Darin Michelle. This has also been my best selling product ever. The East Coast Representer hoodie comes in second!

If you know me, you know that I'm a sucker for mugs! This one will be a perfect addition to my collection!

Inspired by Women's History Month and vintage posters that have a blurred text effect, the ROAR design was born. Dedicated to those women who have, are, and will roar through the ages, this has easily become one of my favorite designs.

Having the itch to add in a couple more pieces, I went back to some previous sketches and work and created the GRRRL POWER long sleeve and BLOOM mug. Inspired by the both the Riot Grrrl and Girl Power movements of the 90's the GRRRL POWER design was born. As for BLOOM - I have always loved the quote "Bloom where you are planted". This was my personal take on that.

All of these items are available on my updated Etsy Shop!