Sneakshot Site Layout


I had the pleasure of working with Victoria "Sneakshot" Ford on her current website layout. The site is simple in style, yet bold with content. The photos speak volumes and with a color palette of black, gold and pink it possesses a serious, yet fun feel. I met Victoria years ago at a fair when I was selling tees and tote bags with my then brand LITTLE by Darin Michelle. She purchased one of my totes, we exchanged words and continued to run into each other for years after and every now and then she'd be rocking that tote! It's nice being able to work with people who have both a personality and a work ethic you can appreciate. Working for myself gives me the unique ability to make sure that all of my clients fall within those parameters.

When Victoria reached out to me about her site, I was stoked! Firstly, because she's an awesome lady and secondly, so I can look through her portfolio of pics and pretend like I was at each event. Lol!

Sneakshot-layout Sneakshot-layout2 Sneakshot-layout3

Oddly enough, my favorite page ended up being the 'Press' page. I think because it uses every design element set for the site; header styles, double horizontal line separator, pink button call-out and of course one of her many great photos. Sneakshot-layout4

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this project! I loved it!