Darin Michelle
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Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

Sounds: Dave Matthews Band


When I was in high school, my favorite bands were Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Jamiroquai and Deee-Lite. There was no bad talk about ANY of those bands! I own almost every album for all of them and if I was able to see them live, I did. When one of my high school besties suggested that we go see Dave Matthews Band live, I was like "Don't you know who I listen to?!?!? I don't think DMB fits in there!" I was wrong! I went with her to DC's RFK Stadium to see DMB outside in the rain and loved every moment of it! The energy was amazing and being in the crowd was like being at a huge party with a bunch of brand new friends. I was in love and DMB soon became one of my favorites to listen to when I needed a little pick me up! Today I had a very pleasant surprise when I turned on Annapolis' own WRNR 103.1 - Dave Matthews Band. Not only DMB but one of my favorite songs by them. I was so excited that I sung my little heart out with the windows down and then thought "I should blog this tonight!," so here we are! Enjoy:



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