Darin Michelle
Creative Director

Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

Sounds: Shirley Ellis


Shirley Ellis had created some of the most contagious music your ears have ever heard: The Name Game, The Clapping Song, Nitty Gritty. In the 60's, she created an energetic sound that didn't disappoint. It's such a classic sound that is still as infectious now and it was then. Nitty Gritty and The Clapping Song have become two of my favorite feel-good songs over the last 10 year. Any time I need a pick-me-up or a good song to dance around my living room to while drinking a glass of wine, I throw on Shirley Ellis!  



The good vibes didn't stop there.

Shirley Ellis has a great body of work to flex all her talents. If I hear one good song, I like to dig a little more to see if the artist has more jams to offer. This woman is stacked with awesome songs that don't disappoint. Thank you Shirley Ellis for all of the classic music and for being such an awesome inspiration to all the ladies of the world!