Darin Michelle
Creative Director

Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

Style: Long Skirts


I'm a sucker for a good long skirt teamed up with a t-shirt, a good fitted shirt or even a nice sweater! Spring is (kinda) here and I'm pretty sure I will be rocking a few good long skirts this season! Here are a few of my favorite looks for thee long skirts: 1. T-shirt + Skirt: for a t-shirt lover like myself, this is perfect. A way to dress up your tee and still be comfortable. I shall pair mine with all black chucks...of course!



#2. Long Sleeve Fitted + Skirt: what is not to love about this look. This could forever be my "get cute" outfit. I love everything about it; accessories included. Stay comfortable, warm and look like a million-trillion bucks!!



#3: Slinky Top + Skirt: so, realistically, this look may have to wait until after this baby is born! My current belly won't fit in this. I love this look so much. It's sexy and tasteful. The bra top is a perfect matchup if you're going for that sleek doll look!



#4. Knit Top + Skirt: I am all about a good pattern as you can see in my last style blog post and this is perfect! What do I like most about it? It's fun and a great way to dress up any knit top you have.