Style: New Balance


So you all know that I love Converse (black on black preferably), but this doesn't stop me from loving and admiring other shoe brands. Over the years, New Balance has been one of my favorite shoe brands. Anyone who grew up in the 90's probably remembers when the Classic 574 New Balances were all the rage! I loved them then and I love them now.


Since then, New Balance has released so many great shoe models! Their design and color palette is always on point and they have also had some great collaborations which are a great look for any brand. Create and collaborate! Below are a few of my favs!

New Balance Collage

1. NB 996  / 2. NB 996  /  3. NB 574 Holiday 2012 4. NB 574  /  5. NB 420 Tomboy  / 6. NB x Herschel Supply Co