Darin Michelle
Creative Director

Darin Michelle

Made in Maryland

The Conglomerate


The Conglomerate is an event planning collective including my brother Malcolm, his lady friend Jasmine, my husband Alex and I. Our goal is to create events geared towards and for independent creatives. We have focused on bringing a hip-hop, art and streetwear scene to the Annapolis, Maryland area through live shows, open mics and more. This all started when my husband wanted to put on a record fair in downtown Annapolis. Two years ago, we set up our very first Right On! Record Fair at Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge which was a success. My brother, Malcolm got the bug and started planning a monthly open-mic at the same location. The What's Dope Open Mic has been going on for a year and a half and has grown so much in that time. Jasmine makes sure that all of our day-of and behind the scenes business is taken care of and I handle design and our online presence. I have thoroughly enjoyed designing for The Conglomerate events. Having creative freedom is always amazing and having a little piece of your personality shine through each piece is even more special. For the record fair, we did a lot of design pieces. My favorite for this event was the mixtape cover. We all care about creating an experience and creating a soundtrack to our record fair was an idea that came very naturally. The best part about these covers is that for both 2014 and 2015 we used old photos of my in-laws. My husband and I love old photos and jumped at the chance to incorporate some into our promo.




In a previous post, I credited the original What's Dope Open Mic flyer as one of my favorite designs. The inspiration of vintage go-go show posters hit home and ended up being one of my favorite overall pieces to design.

WhatsDope-Open Mic _Square


This year, the open mic flyer got a re-design. Something a little brighter and bold. Each month, we change the colors a bit. This way, the flyers have the same familiar design, but a different color palette, giving it a fresh feel each month.



I have truly loved all of the flyer work we've done and never get bored of the design ideas and layouts. The goal is to make each one stand out a bit. Using bright colors and bold fonts is one of my favorite design-go-tos (if you haven't noticed).

Keep up with The Conglomerate and all of our events at weareconglomerate.com