This Week In: Pinterest III

I love Pinterest! If you visit this blog regularly, you know that. While I am transitioning 19FIFTYTHREE from a design service based studio to solely design production, I am blogging about things I am inspired by. This inspiration helps to create the ideas that will go into the products of the new 19FIFTYTHREE. It's amazing how long it can take to be fully inspired to create. This process is taking a little longer that I originally though, and I surprisingly, like it. I read a quote from Oddisee today that made me feel like I was in the right place:

“I would give anybody just starting off the same advice I always give: Don’t fall victim to underdevelopment and overexposure. Stay at home and cultivate your craft. You’ll know when its ready.”

Grabbing inspiration and testing ideas out has been a happy part of this transition and Pinterest has been my best friend; helping me gather all of the wonderful photos, patterns, textures and more that inspire the new work I am dreaming up.

This week, I've found myself being drawn more and more to black and white speckle and splatters, florals and hints of gold and browns. The mix of black and white with florals has always been a favorite of mine; which is why I am probably very drawn to Betsey Johnson and styles like hers. I love the use of classic B&W and bold florals together. Finding the more speckled black patterns has been a happy, visual transition for me that I am thinking of experimenting with.

53-Pinterest Five2


53-Pinterest Five3


There is something SO classic and beautiful to me about flowers being used as accessories, especially in the hair. I love how it appears to be a beautiful, natural crown. The colors in both of these photos are so beautiful and well balanced out with the the blues and blacks in the background as well as the subtle hints of brown and gold.

53-Pinterest Five4

I can't to see and share what comes of all of this inspiration! Catch me pinning on Pinterest at