What's Dope Poster Design


[center_heading h="h2" font="" subtitle="" border="true"]Poster Design Inspired by Vintage Go-Go Posters[/center_heading] This has been one of my favorite pieces to design. Last year, my brother (beatmaker, sound engineer, event planner), Malcolm wanted to start a hip-hop/spoken word based open mic in downtown Annapolis and name it What's Dope. After being out at a party at Baby Wale in DC and seeing their arrangement and homage to vintage Go-Go posters, we knew the style of poster we wanted to go for.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.12.54 AM


I love this design style so much and I love to pay homage to the original design heroes before me; the ones who hand drew, screenprinted and posted up every single flyer and poster that they created! The original layout of red, black and green (inspired by Tribe Called Quest) was so dope! After creating this color way, I though about create an inverse color style, which came out just as awesome! In the end, we ended up using both layouts.


WhatsDope-Open Mic _11x17

WhatsDope-Open Mic _11x17Neg


So, what happened with the open mic? It went so well, we formed a team of event planners and have been throwing our monthly open mic and other music and art based events in Annapolis. Check us out here > weareconglomerate.com