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Darin Michelle

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Where's Your Crown?


This is the question that Rapsody asks on her latest 'Crown' EP - "Where's Your Crown?". Yesterday was the Women's March and also Rapsody's birthday. Fitting day to celebrate women as both Rapsody and the many women who marched believe in uplifting women around the globe. For me the Women's March wasn't as much about our new President as it was about women being fed up with how they are portrayed, spoken of, and treated. As American women, we have a lot of be grateful for and at the same time, we have a deeper issues to address. There is a such thing as rape culture and unfair pay. There is a such thing as shaming sexual women and victims alike and there is a such thing as pushing women down.


I am thankful for all of the men who lean in...


After having a baby, women's issues became more apparent. Being that I work for myself, I was able to take off as much time as I needed before getting back to work. Unfortunately, not all of the women around me had the same luxury. I saw my friends as they struggled, physically and emotionally, to go back to work. It hurt my heart that any of my friends could lose their jobs due to needing time to care for their child and heal. I am thankful for all of the men who lean in, those who teach their daughters how to protect themselves, and those who encourage their mothers, sisters, wives, etc. to push and dream bigger than ever imagined.


I, personally, don't care who you voted for...


Yes, as American women, we have a lot to be grateful for, and I am grateful. When those who physically, emotionally, and sexually assault us get a smack on the wrist, it shows we still have work to do. When it's okay to joke about sexually assaulting women, we still have work to do.

I, personally, don't care who you voted for, but I do care about how you treat your neighbor and those of different backgrounds than you. I do care about what you teach your children about those of a different background than you. I hope that you and I both wear our crowns everyday - loving one another and ourselves; lifting our heads high and uniting as human beings to further our great nation and world.

So, where's your crown?