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Woo-Hoo for the White House


There are many experiences that I hold dear to me, some more than others. Of course there is my wedding day and the day my daughter was born. There is the day that I left home for college and the day I graduated from college. Friday, August 5 is now one of those days. This is the day that my friend and I hustled around the District, prettied ourselves up and Uber’d it over to the White House to celebrate the 55th birthday of our POTUS, Barack Obama!

"Who is this friend? How did you get this invite? Who did you meet? Did you meet POTUS & FLOTUS?"

I'm glad you asked!

About 6 years ago, I met Rapsody! Over those 6 years, she has become one of my dearest friends! I have seen her grow in her craft, be diligent in her climb and patient in her success. She has inspired me. She still inspires me. I’d like to think that the crew that we’ve formed of her, Erica, Tia and myself is like a little gang - protective and supportive of one another. Having been a part of a couple other “lady-gangs” (3 Headed Dragon, L2B4), I know there there is nothing like a group of women who genuinely love and support one another.

Rapsody has created a foundation for herself in Hip-Hop, where she’s been credited by the likes of DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Kendrick Lamar and more. This year alone she has been invited to the White House 3 times. The third time, she took me!

Following her lead, I was introduced to Common, Pusha T, Ledisi, Janelle Monae, Anthony Hamilton, Grant Hill & Tamia, and yes, the Obamas! I could barely look them in the eye, but when I did, I wasn’t intimidated - they are warm people. There were no hand shakes, only hugs, as if they were saying “If you’re her friend, you’re mine.” I was in awe of all of the famous and familiar faces, but with no phones and no cameras, people are a lot more relaxed and as I was sipping my Makers Mark on the rocks, I realized that we all had one thing in common; we are all just people.


Of course, the night wouldn’t be complete with a couple of fan-girl moments.

I had mine with Sara Bareilles, Andra Day, Leon Bridges and the amazing Sarah Jessica Parker.

As I was getting dressed today, I grabbed my pair of SJP Bitten jeans, and remembered that just a few nights ago I had a serious moment with one of my favorite people in design and show business. I gave her warning that I was about to have a moment and she said that I could “have several.” I told her how much I appreciated her design sense and care for the arts, I told her about my favorite pair of Bitten jeans and that I love how down to earth she is. My warmth was returned by her warmth and I felt so good to have gotten all of that out!

I left feeling so inspired! I felt feeling blessed. I left feeling like I want to do more. We met so many amazing people that night, gained a couple new friends, and got to experience the rich history of the White House. I think I can speak for both Rap and I when I say that I am still pinching myself! Nothing will replace two-stepping with Leon Bridges, indulging the the beautiful and historic art, talking to Sarah Jessica Parker about how good the food is, hugging the Obamas or tagging along as my friend was greeted and laced with compliments on her rise in the music industry!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're far too kind!

  1. Rap, thank you for the experience! You have the biggest heart and have become one of my favorite people!
  2. Janelle Monae, thank you for telling me you like my hair! You are a style icon!
  3. SJP, thank you for letting my have my moment!
  4. Theaster, thank you for cutting up the dance floor with me!
  5. Thank you Essence.com for putting ya girls up on the site!!!!
  6. Barack and Michelle Obama, thank you for 8 great years! Obama Out!